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Emergency management network: how to establish a national emergency response system with high efficiency
In today's world, mass emergencies that affect the political, economic, financial and social stability of the country have occurred frequently and have great impact. It is urgent to study and construct the national emergency response system to deal with these incidents.
Some public security command center, traffic command center, medical emergency center are running, shouldering the glorious mission of emergency response. Moreover, the Ministry of health and the State Administration of production safety supervision, the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of water resources, Ministry of communications, Ministry of finance, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, bank, customs, foreign exchange bureau and the Ministry of state security, the Ministry of land and resources, the National Defense Commission, the State Environmental Protection Administration of more than a dozen government departments, hundreds of city in the construction of emergency system, need from the overall planning of national emergency response system.
General idea of national emergency system
National emergency system includes legal system, organization system and information system. Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other developed countries and developing countries have established their own emergency state law system. The successful experience of the SARS epidemic in our country proves that the legislation work of dealing with the emergency state is a powerful guarantee to overcome the difficulties and crises. Therefore, the construction of national emergency system first to legislation, the construction of emergency environment, develop contingency plans, measures can be adopted in the relevant departments authorized under the state of emergency, emergency management and effectively according to the law, to be.
Public emergencies that may occur in many aspects of political, economic, social, financial, resource and environment, in major events, economic crisis, major accidents, transnational crime, terrorism and natural disasters. The causes may be caused by natural disasters, or by human beings, and may be caused by many reasons. Therefore, it is suggested that the contents of public emergency monitoring and emergency response should be written clearly in the constitution, and the laws and regulations and detailed rules for the implementation of the emergency state law and a series of major public emergencies monitoring and emergency handling should be formulated.
China is improving the social management and public service functions of the government, and it is recommended to set up four emergency committees of the state, province, city and county to control the operation of emergency command and emergency treatment. Some monitoring and emergency departments can be placed under the leadership of the emergency committee. The head of the emergency committee is appointed by the head of the government at the same level, and the monitoring and emergency response of social public emergencies are included in the work track. The emergency committee usually catch public emergency monitoring, emergency planning, emergency drills, emergency education, prevention and mitigation; when the incident occurred, the mobilization of all forces, organize emergency response, emergency command. It is a high-level Department of all levels of government, coordinating the relevant government departments, relevant social forces, carrying out emergency work, bringing emergency into the normal work of the government and society.
Emergency information system is an important aspect of emergency system construction, and it is included in e-government and social informatization planning.
The national emergency system includes two directions: vertical and horizontal. Including the national and provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities), city and county (city) level emergency response mechanism, including political, economic, social and lateral aspects of the implementation of emergency, emergency communications, emergency analysis, emergency decision-making and emergency command, emergency response and emergency rescue.
Emergency information system consists of five platforms, five databases, five centers, more than ten key aspects and several guarantee systems.
The five platforms include network communication platform, geographic information platform, emergency response platform, special emergency platform and decision support platform, etc.. The five basic databases include emergency database, emergency plan database, emergency resource database, emergency system database and emergency team database. Linked database includes basic geographic database, public facilities database, unit database and population database. The five centers have network interconnection center, identity authentication center, data center, emergency service center and emergency command center, etc.. The public security against terrorism, public health emergencies, animal epidemic, earthquake, flood and geological disasters, nuclear safety, electric power, fire fighting, forest fires, traffic safety, production safety, city utilities, chemical safety and environmental safety and other key aspects, some of the big city subway emergency. The guarantee system includes laws and regulations, policies, standards, standards system and security, organization, funds, personnel system, etc..

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